There are a lot of unhappy lawyers out there.

And a lot of that unhappiness stems from the fact that they went deeply in debt to go to law school – maybe $200,000 – and then realized they didn’t want to be a lawyer.

That’s not a good place to be. 

Law schools will tell you that a J.D. is a path to a variety of traditional and non-traditional careers – that there are many different things that you can do with a law degree. That’s true. 

But, let’s look at the opportunity cost. Is spending more than three years and $200,000 to get that J.D. the best next move for you? You could get your MBA, instead. You could work and get some real-life experience. You could move to Belize and teach yoga. OK, maybe not. 

But the point is, you have options. And right now you want to know, “Should I go to law school?” 

Only you can make this decision. But JD Navigator is here to help.

To choose your next best move, you need to understand what you would be getting into.

You need to know:

  • What law school is really like

    Tip: some improvements have been made since "The Paper Chase"

  • What it takes to succeed in law school

    Here's the short version: It's a lot of time. A lot of work. And a lot of money.

  • The career options that a JD would open up for you

    You don't have to know exactly what kind of law you'll practice, but you need to make sure there are options that excite you, and fit your interests and skills

Sure, you could read a ton of blog posts and articles and get insight from your friends and contacts. You should do that too. There’s a lot of information out there, from a lot of perspectives.

In fact, it can be overwhelming. 

Furthermore, some of it is biased (for example, LSAT-prep providers and LSAC obviously want you to take the LSAT), and some of it is dated (you need to know what’s happening now, after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic).  

I’ve developed an online course to deliver the key information you need on what law school is really like, and what it takes to succeed, delivered in a convenient package. 

After watching the course, you’ll:

  • Go into the law school decision with your eyes wide open about what it will take to succeed

  • Ask better questions of law schools and in interviews

  • Get a jump on the competition for admission and in law school

Pricing for Full Course

I'm offering this course for $150. Compare that to the cost of registering for the LSAT ($190) and CAS service (required) ($195), not to mention prep courses ($600 is common); law school application fees (on average $60 each), and law school itself ($100,000 is common)!

Course curriculum

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  • Jen Randolph Reise

    Jen Randolph Reise

    Attorney, Law Professor, and Founder of JD Navigator

    Jen Randolph Reise is a securities and corporate governance attorney by training. She has worked both in private practice at a large Minneapolis firm and in-house at a public company. She was a second-career law student who chose to change careers by going to law school after working in the non-profit world. Jen went back to law school with a baby girl at home and graduated - valedictorian - just weeks after having her second daughter. Now Jen is serving as a law school professor, teaching business law in-person and online. Through JD Navigator, she draws on her years of experience as law school valedictorian, in private practice, in-house, and as a professor to offer you insights to chart your own course through law school and a rewarding career.


“I've thought about law school off and on for years. This was just the right information to jump-start my decisionmaking process. I learned a ton and I liked doing it on my own schedule. ”

Kayla, considering law schoolKayla, considering law school

“I wish this had existed when I was considering law school. It is sorely needed. ”

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